Last week Mike Barnard, Senior Pre-Sales Manager at Selectec, visited the Temple Knight HQ for a Papercut Training Day.

After multiple slideshows, discussions and countless cups of coffee, Simon and James successfully completed the requirements to become PaperCut MF Certified Re-sellers. This means they have the expert knowledge and skills to promote PaperCut.

Adam & Greg then completed the requirements to become PaperCutMF Certified Technicians and they have now joined PaperCut Technical family who are capable of installing, configuring and supporting PaperCut Software.

Who are Selectec?

Selectec are one of PaperCut’s, Authorized Solution Centre (ASC) servicing the UK and the Nordic Regions and have years of experience installing, training and supporting Papercut.

What is PaperCut and how does it work?

PaperCut is a Print Management Software application designed to help businesses manage and take control of their printing.

This clever piece of software works by monitoring print jobs as they pass through and into a print queue. This allows companies to monitor their staff’s printing volumes and printing costs. It also has security features such as Secure Print Release; which means the user can only collect their printing when at the machine and eliminates the risk of secure documents being left on the printer.

What are the benefits of PaperCut?

  • Allows businesses to take control of their printing, highlight printing behaviours and help reduce paper waste.
  • Easy to use web-based dashboard has all the information you require on one screen.
  • Available in multiple languages

What does it mean for Temple Knight to be PaperCut Certified?

We always focus on the customer first and foremost. By making sure our staff are up to date on training, it not only gives our sales team and technicians confidence in the products we offer but reassures our customers that we fully understand the product capabilities.

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