School conference

Last Friday, James and the team attended the East London School Business Leaders Conference 2019 at the Crown Plaza Hotel, London.

The theme for the day was ‘Courageous Leadership in Uncertain Times’. We joined other education suppliers, offering a free consultation to discuss how our printer solutions can benefit their schools. This included showing how the Managed Print software, MyQ, can monitor printer usage and environmental impact of printing across schools.

James commented:

” Having consulted with education, charity and businesses over the past 15 years it was interesting to hear on mass how focus was paid on the hardware costs, with many leaning on framework agreements.

This is, of course, critical but the same due diligence needs to be paid on the servicing of all printer/copiers.

I had many conversations about the flexibility and independence you get from Temple Knight, not only to manage an existing fleet of equipment but also to provide a solution that fits your requirements.

It was also interesting to discuss hardware and features that improve and make life easier by scoring essays, marking tests and even translating documents into and from other languages.”

If you’d like our independent and experienced advice on how you can improve your printer service and reduce costs, please get in touch with James, our National Sales Manager.

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