Printer Service Lockdown

With the UK in COVID-19 lockdown, many offices are closed and employees are working from home. This has left office equipment unused for weeks, which can leave printers in need of some attention. If you think about it like your car battery – I’m sure some of ours will need a kick start after lockdown!

We spoke to Adam Payne, our Service Director, about the top reasons why you should consider getting your printer serviced after lockdown.

Damp paper sitting in printer trays

When paper is left in the tray or stored incorrectly, it can absorb moisture from the air and become damp. Damp paper can stick together, and then cause a jam when they go through the printer. Damp paper can also curl up, again, making it harder to feed through the printer and causing damage.

Developer and toner setting in the units 

The developer unit is a device in a laser printer that draws the toner powder through the system and eventually to the paper. After not being used for a while, the developer and toner setting will need to be reinitialised

Dust on the rollers

The printer rollers are what feeds the paper through the printer. Over time, they can accumulate dust which can cause potential paper jams, if they aren’t cleaned properly.

Lack of use

After not being used for a while, your printer would benefit from a general overhaul to make sure the machine is ready for frequent use when everyone’s back in the office. 


Adam and the team are still here to take your calls and emails. If you’d like to discuss a printer service or maintenance contract, please contact or call 0800 142 2737.


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